Maison Degand: A Vanguard of Belgian Men’s Fashion Celebrates 50 Years

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
December 2023

Press Release

Maison Degand, a distinguished Belgian luxury house marking 50 years, intertwines its legacy with The Bahamas’ 50th independence year, reflecting on global cultural influences and fashion inspirations.

Maison Degand proudly stands as a beacon of men’s fashion excellence in Belgium, renowned as a distinguished luxury house. Founded by Pierre Degand, the maison, bearing its founder’s name, is gearing up to celebrate its illustrious 50-year anniversary. During a recent encounter, I had the pleasure of meeting Pierre and Mrs. Michèle Degand, embodying the essence of Maison Degand’s heritage.

As The Bahamas concludes its 50th year of independence celebrations, Maison Degand commemorates half a century of elegance and craftsmanship. Enduring through three generations, the fashion house continues to flourish, symbolising an unwavering commitment to sophistication and style.

In a conversation with Michèle, she fondly recalled her visit to Columbus Island in The Bahamas, specifically the island of San Salvador, reflecting on the deep ties between cultures and fashion inspirations drawn from global experiences.

The fusion of fashion, legacy, and diplomacy intertwined in Maison Degand’s narrative showcases the pivotal role of culture and travel in shaping their distinguished collections, contributing to global fashion sensibilities.

About The Embassy, Belgium: The Embassy of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to the Kingdom of Belgium liaises with the Bahamas High Commission in London to perform a number of consular functions, including the processing and issuance of visas, the issuance of passports, the legalisation of documents, and assistance to Bahamian nationals in distress.
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