Global Diplomacy and Business Innovation: Ambassador H.E Cheryl Bazard attends Voka Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s New Year Celebration

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
11 January 2024

Press Release

Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard attended the Voka Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s New Year celebration at TRIXXO Arena, actively engaging with 2,600 participants, fostering diplomatic discussions, and emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in the thriving business landscape of the region.

The Voka Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a spectacular New Year’s reception at the TRIXXO Arena in Hasselt-Zuid, illuminating the venue with vibrant orange light. Ambassador H. E. Cheryl Bazard attended the event among an impressive 2,600 participants, which served as a dynamic platform for fostering connections and promoting collaboration among the local business community.

Ambassador Bazard actively engaged with attendees, participating in introductions to numerous innovative enterprises within the region. The event provided a unique platform for diplomatic discussions, allowing global ambassadors for trade to connect with local businesses and forge meaningful partnerships.

The interactive nature of the reception underscored the significance of fostering international collaborations, aligning with the core principles of diplomacy and economic cooperation. Ambassador Bazard’s involvement underscored the significance of dialogue and collaboration in achieving common objectives, exemplifying a commitment to fostering a global community grounded in mutual understanding and shared prosperity.

As the New Year unfolds, the Voka Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry looks forward to a year of continued growth and collaboration, building bridges between local businesses and the international community.

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