Formal Introduction of Her Excellency Cheryl Bazard to the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) Committee of Ambassadors

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nassau, The Bahamas
19 January 2023

Press Release

Her Excellency Cheryl E. Bazard, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and Mission to the European Union was formally introduced to the OACPS Committee of Ambassadors on Thursday, 19 January, 2023 officially inducting Her Excellency Ambassador Bazard as an active Member of the OACPS. Ambassador Bazard was introduced to the OACPS Committee of Ambassadors by His Excellency Georges Rebelo Pinto CHIKOTI, the Secretary-General of the OACPS.

The OACPS Committee of Ambassadors is one of the decision making bodies of the Organisation comprising of a representative of the 79 Member States at the rank of Ambassador. The mandate of OACPS Committee of Ambassadors is premised on the decisions and resolutions emanating from the OACPS Council of Ministers with a primary function of the Committee of Ambassadors being the implementing of and monitoring the implementation of the decisions and resolutions.

In delivering her maiden statement to the Organisation, Ambassador Bazard drew attention to the impact of Climate Change and the Listings by the European Union for The Bahamas correspondent to the critical role of the Organisation as a unified body with the strength of 79 Member States in addressing these pressing issues in the global arena.