Dive into Azerbaijani Culture: Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard Attends ‘The Dance of Symbols’ Exhibition in Brussels

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
13 February 2024

Press Release

Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard experienced the fusion of art and technology at the ‘The Dance of Symbols’ exhibition hosted by The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Brussels, showcasing Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage through the innovative works of AI artist Shusha Hanim.

Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard, representing The Bahamas, recently attended a captivating exhibition titled “The Dance of Symbols,” hosted by The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Brussels. The event, held at the embassy premises, showcased Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage in a unique and innovative manner, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

“The Dance of Symbols” was curated by Azerbaijan’s pioneering artificial intelligence artist, Shusha Hanim, who seamlessly blended traditional art forms with modern digital technology. Through her creative vision, Shusha transformed intricate designs on silk fabric into an immersive digital experience, taking viewers on a captivating journey through Azerbaijani culture.

Ambassador H.E. Vagif Ismayil oglu Sadigov, the host of the exhibition, delivered insightful remarks that set the stage for this remarkable display of art and innovation. His opening words underscored the importance of cultural exchange and the role of technology in preserving and promoting heritage.

The exhibition provided a platform for cultural diplomacy, fostering greater understanding and appreciation of Azerbaijan’s artistic traditions.

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