Caribbean Group of Ambassadors Engage in Strategic Discussions with Martinique’s Permanent Representative to the European Union

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
May 2024

Press Release

The Caribbean Group of Ambassadors met with Cristèle Allaud, Permanent Representative of Martinique to the European Union, to discuss strengthening regional cooperation and fostering unity among Caribbean nations.

The Caribbean Group of Ambassadors convened a meeting with Cristèle Allaud, the Permanent Representative of Martinique to the European Union. The discussions were insightful and focused on fostering greater collaboration and unity among Caribbean nations.

The meeting provided an opportunity to explore various areas of mutual interest, including economic development, cultural exchange, and regional security. Both sides emphasized the importance of working together to address common challenges and seize opportunities for the collective benefit of the Caribbean community.

Ambassadors from various Caribbean nations shared their perspectives and highlighted the importance of solidarity in achieving sustainable development goals. Cristèle Allaud expressed Martinique’s commitment to playing a proactive role in regional cooperation and emphasized the potential for enhanced partnerships with other Caribbean states.

As the Caribbean continues to navigate a dynamic global landscape, such engagements are crucial for promoting unity, shared prosperity, and a brighter future for all member states.

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