Caribbean Ambassadors Meet with European Commission to discuss the EL PAcCTO Programme Expansion to the Caribbean

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
29 February 2024

Press Release

Caribbean Ambassadors in Brussels convene with the European Commission to discuss the expansion of the EL PAcCTO 2.0 program to address citizen security and transnational crime in the region.

The Caribbean Group of Ambassadors (CGAB) convened with representatives from the European Commission to delve into the details of EL PAcCTO 2.0, a comprehensive program initially launched in Latin America and now expanded to include the Caribbean region. Participants engaged in discussions on the key components and objectives of EL PAcCTO 2.0, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in combating complex challenges that transcend borders.

The meeting focused on addressing critical issues such as citizen security, social justice, and transnational organized crime. This initiative aims to bolster the rule of law, enhance justice systems, and fortify security measures across participating nations. Looking ahead, the Caribbean Group of Ambassadors anticipates continued dialogue and collaboration with European Commission partners to ensure the effective and successful implementation of EL PAcCTO 2.0. Together, they remain dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions and promoting a safer, more resilient future for all.

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