Caribbean Ambassadors Attend Dr. Gregarious Rosario Michel’s Disaster Risk Management Thesis Presentation

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
11 February 2024

Press Release

Dr. Gregarious Rosario Michel’s presentation of his research on disaster risk management, including the provision of spatial information and facilitation of emergency mapping team operations, was attended by Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard, and other Caribbean ambassadors, at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

In a significant development addressing disaster risk management in Small Island Developing States, Dr. Gregarious Rosario Michel presented his groundbreaking research at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic last evening. Dr. Rosario’s thesis, now a published book, delves into the crucial provision of spatial information for disaster risk management and the facilitation of emergency mapping team operations in vulnerable areas.

The event garnered attention from ambassadors across the Caribbean region. Small Island Developing States face unique challenges due to their geographical location, making them particularly susceptible to disasters. Dr. Rosario’s research offers valuable insights into enhancing preparedness and response measures, ultimately contributing to the resilience of these vulnerable communities.

The presentation marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to address disaster risk management, highlighting the collaborative efforts of researchers, policymakers, and diplomats in finding innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

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