AWEX Hosts Latin America and Caribbean Ambassadors for Strategic Tour of Liège’s Thriving Sectors

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
December 2023

Press Release

AWEX facilitated a strategic tour in Liège for Latin America and Caribbean Ambassadors, showcasing key industries and fostering global collaboration.

The Wallonia Export and Investment Agency, known as AWEX, cordially welcomed esteemed ambassadors representing Latin America and the Caribbean for an insightful tour in the vibrant city of Liège. The visit was tailored to showcase the robust ecosystems thriving in the region, spotlighting key sectors including aerospace and aeronautics, technology innovation, energy transition, green hydrogen, and innovative industries.

This strategic engagement aims to foster collaborations, exchange knowledge, and explore potential synergies between Wallonia and the esteemed nations represented by the visiting ambassadors. The tour provided a comprehensive overview of Liège’s strongest industrial sectors, demonstrating innovative advancements and fostering discussions on potential partnerships.

AWEX eagerly anticipates leveraging this invaluable experience to create pathways for professionals and students, particularly from The Bahamas, to explore promising opportunities within these flourishing sectors.

This initiative underscores AWEX’s commitment to bolstering international collaborations, driving economic growth, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships across diverse sectors and regions.

About The Embassy, Belgium: The Embassy of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to the Kingdom of Belgium liaises with the Bahamas High Commission in London to perform a number of consular functions, including the processing and issuance of visas, the issuance of passports, the legalisation of documents, and assistance to Bahamian nationals in distress.
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