Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard attends Print Exhibition “Periferias Femeninas” by Artist Marcia Salas

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
13 March 2024

Press Release

Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard attends a solo print exhibition, “Periferias Femeninas,” by artist Marcia Salas, exploring themes of women’s roles, identity, and empowerment, connecting deeply with the celebration of women’s month and highlighting the profound influence of women in culture and tradition.

The Embassy of Costa Rica, under the gracious invitation of Ambassador Eliana Villalobos Cárdenas, invited us to a captivating solo print exhibition by Costa Rican artist Marcia Salas titled “Periferias Femeninas.” The exhibition, showcased a thought-provoking collection of artworks exploring themes such as “El deber ser” (The should be) of woman, “¿Quién quiero ser?” (Who do I want to be), and “¿Quién soy?” (Who I am).

Attendees were transported through the complexity and nuanced issues surrounding womanhood, with each artwork serving as a powerful reflection of the female experience. Against the backdrop of Women’s Month celebrations, the exhibition provided a poignant reminder of the indispensable roles women play as nurturers, preservers of tradition, and embodiments of invincible womanhood.

Ambassador Eliana Villalobos Cárdenas expressed her gratitude to all attendees for their participation in this meaningful cultural event, which not only celebrated the artistic talent of Marcia Salas but also highlighted the resilience and empowerment of women worldwide.

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