Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard attends Humanitarian Photo Exhibition by Paddy Dowling

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
28 March 2024

Press Release

Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard attends humanitarian photo exhibition titled “From Despair to Hope: Children Beyond Armed Conflict,” highlighting the plight of children in conflict zones.

Ambassador H.E. Cheryl Bazard attended a photo exhibition hosted by the Belgian presidency titled “From Despair to Hope: Children Beyond Armed Conflict,” by acclaimed humanitarian photojournalist Paddy Dowling. The exhibition, described as a “space devoid of the most basic human values,” showcases the stark realities faced by millions of children worldwide.

Minister Hadja Lahbib, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs and Foreign Trade, along with Ms. Virginia Gamba, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, and Mr. Dowling, provided somber remarks at the opening ceremony.

The exhibition sheds light on the harrowing experiences of children like Nakato, Kennedy, Charles, Moza, Shaymaa, Fatima, Afat, Sarah, and Niyosenga, among others, who are among the 468 million children affected by armed conflict. These children endure unimaginable hardships and are stripped of their dreams and basic humanitarian rights.

The exhibition serves as a powerful call to action, urging global leaders and humanitarian organizations to redouble their efforts to protect and support the world’s most vulnerable children. Through empathy, awareness, and collective action, we can work towards building a future where every child can thrive in safety and peace.

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