Ambassador Bazard Attends Briefing Session on UNDP’s Climate Promise 2.0

Embassy of The Bahamas, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
May 2024

Press Release

Ambassador Bazard attended a briefing session on UNDP’s Climate Promise 2.0 ahead of the SIDS4 Conference in Antigua and Barbuda which highlighted challenges in climate finance for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), emphasizing the need for international support and cooperation.

Ahead of the upcoming SIDS4 Conference in Antigua and Barbuda, Ambassador Bazard attended a briefing session to discuss UNDP’s Climate Promise 2.0. Facilitated with the assistance of Camilla Brückner from UNDP Brussels, Ambassador Ignacio Ybañez, EU SIDS Envoy, and coordinated through the OACPS Secretariat under the SIDS Forum chaired by The Bahamas, the meeting aimed to equip OACPS member states, encompassing 39 SIDS, with essential information.

The focus was on the UN’s comprehensive approach to addressing climate change by supporting governments in implementing national climate plans aligned with the ambitious targets of the 1.5°C Paris Agreement. Despite these efforts, the session underscored a critical challenge faced by SIDS: the persistent obstacles in accessing concessionary financing and climate finance.

Given that SIDS bears minimal responsibility for global greenhouse gas emissions yet faces disproportionate vulnerabilities to climate impacts, urgent attention is required to alleviate these financial barriers. The dialogue highlighted the need for enhanced international cooperation and support mechanisms to ensure equitable access to resources that are crucial for building resilience and sustainable development in these vulnerable regions.

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